LED Outdoor Cinema

SmartCinema 3m


Display size: 2.9m (w) x 1.7m (h)
Display equivalent: 132inch
Frame size: 3.5m (w) x 3.6m (h) (excludes speaker dimensions)
Distance from bottom of display to ground: 1.7m (approx.)
Resolution: 960 x 576 pixels
Pixel density: 3mm
Brightness: 4000cd/m2
Audio: 2 x 240W speakers (109dB Max. SPL), IP55 rated

3m LED Display

SmartCinema 5m


Display size: 5.1m (w) x 2.8m (h)
Display equivalent: 229inch
Frame size: 5.8m (w) x 5.2m (h) (excludes speaker dimensions)
Distance from bottom of display to ground: 2.0m (approx.)
Resolution: 1280 x 704 pixels
Pixel density: 4mm
Brightness: 6000cd/m2
Audio: 4 x 240W speakers (109dB Max. SPL), IP55 rated

3m LED Display

Options and Customisation

We have designed the SmartCinema packages to be as streamlined as possible to reduce complexity and costs.

However, we have also designed the equipment to be expandable depending on individual custom requirements.

Some of the options include customised audio system such as larger amplifier or additional speakers for larger crowds, or adding additional auxiliary HDMI input or media devices to your equipment rack. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Installation process:

SmartCinema streamlines the installation process with most of manufacturing and assembly done off-site to minimise any client disruption, reduce the higher cost of onsite labour and overall reduce installation complexity.

Step 1 – Concrete

The first step is to lay the grounds works for the following frame and display installation. This requires a clear unobstructed area and with solid ground. The site is excavated with two holes and filled with high-grade concrete to form a solid foundation. This is allowed to cure for a minimum 6-7 days before proceeding to next steps.

Step 2 – Frame and display installation

The next step is the main day of installation where the pre-assembled frame with display is delivered onsite and craned into place. The concrete foundation is drilled and inserted with chemically set anchors that will attach to the frame. This normally takes up to half a day. An equipment rack (or the “brains” of the display) is also supplied that contains the controlling audio/video electronics that can be mounted within a nearby office or building (requiring a standard wall outlet power).

Step 3 – Connect power and data

Now, the bulk of the installation is complete, remaining only requires connecting power the display and connecting data between the display and equipment rack. This will vary from site to site and the size of the screen installed (and hence the power requirements). Typically power connections are prepared prior to frame installation day (excluded from standard installation costs) which may include a qualified electrician installing the appropriate electrical lines, GPOs, safety breakers and so forth that will then allow the possibility of finally connections the same day as the frame installation.

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