Large Screen LED Outdoor Cinema

Day and Night Viewing

An Australian first

for the holiday park and hospitality market

SmartCinema LED

Introducing SmartCinema LED for your ultimate outdoor entertainment and movie solution.

Designed to be your drawcard for your holiday park, resort or even beer garden.

SmartCinema is a full-featured theatre system for day or night and all-weather use. Ideal for movies, live sports and gaming.

High brightness display with automatic light sensing adjustments means you won’t be restricted to only after dark viewing and with IP-rated display/audio you won’t need to worry about damaging equipment if it starts to rain.
Screen sizes available in 3m and 5m for audience sizes up to 450 people (subject to social distancing). See product page for more details.

As an Australian first we have created a package that is certified to Australian standards, streamlined installation and reduced complexity for lower overall costs.

Designed, engineered and assembled in Australia. Available for cyclone and non-cyclone rated regions.

Highlights include:


Daytime and night-time use


All-weather display and audio components (IP55 – IP65)


Wind rated for non-cyclonic and cyclonic regions


Fixed installation


Australian designed and engineered


Fast installation


DVD / BluRay / streaming media system (customisable upon request)

* Projection systems can be portable (such as inflatable cinema screen) or fixed installation.

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Company Profile

Smart Digital Australia has a long history of developing outdoor cinema solutions for Australian conditions and was originally founded in 2003. Early on Smart Digital Australia established itself as a leader in the Australian market in the production and distribution of inflatable movie systems catering to the home consumer through to larger commercial applications for university, councils and film festivals suiting audiences of up to around 3,000 people.

Over the years there was an increasing demand for more flexible daytime use and permanent installation applications. As technologies evolved, high quality LEDs screens increasingly became an attractive offering. However, the high cost, engineering, and complex installation presented additional challenges. SmartCinema was born was to reduce the complexity of engineering and installation from site to site which ultimately had the benefit of reduced overall costs to the customer.

Smart Digital AustraliaSmart Digital Australia still caters to the portable inflatable cinema market alongside it’s SmartCinema LED range. For inflatable screens and projection systems please visit www.smartdigital.com.au